Required documents
1. Filling application form;
2. Document on higher education (original and copy certified by a notary and translated into Azeri);
3. Appendix to the diploma with details of study programs, their volume, total assessment, results for internship, essays and theses, as well as other indicators for educational process (original and copy certified by a notary and translated into Azeri);
4. Identification Document (copies of passport and identity card duly certified by a notary);
5. Copy of work record card and/or unemployment certificate from the place of residence;
6. Full-time graduates should submit a document (application form or certificate duly certified) which confirms that they have lived in the city, where the university is located, during their study;
7. Part-time graduates should submit documents (certified) confirming their attendance at winter and summer sessions during their study;
8. Copy of military record or certificate of registration for military service.
1. The document and Appendix on higher education acquired in the Russian Federation should be legalized in the Ministry of Education of the country that issued the document. (Federal Education and Science Supervision Service of the Russian Federation: Procedure for confirmation of documents on education, scientific degrees and titles granted in Russia with an Apostille is carried out jointly with the entities of the Russian Federation. Further information:(
2. The document and Appendix on higher education obtained from the CIS, and/or other foreign countries (after being confirmed in the Ministry of Education that issued the document) should be validated by the embassy (consulate) of the Republic of Azerbaijan operated in the country that issued the document.
3. According to the Act 757-IIIQD of 30 December 2008, ‘On changes and amendments to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan ‘On State Duties’ (Article 33) each citizen who has applied for the recognition of higher education diplomas of foreign countries, should be charged 15 AZN. According to the Section 2.4 of Rules the issue will be considered within one (1) month and the applicant will be informed on the decision made by the Expert Group after all required documents will be submitted and the answers to requests of the Ministry of Education addressed to the relevant organizations will be received.
Documents will be registered after being confirmed and citizen will be given a notice. Applications submitted in any other way will not be considered.

Attention!Application fields should be filled in fully by the user. Name, surname and patronymic should match with the data indicated in the identity card. Scanned documents must be in the Pdf format. Application mustn`t exceed 1.0 MB. If all the fields are filled in correctly, user passes to the second page by pressing on “Send” Button. Afterwards, the user gets a unique password, consisting of at least 8 characters and a set of letters and numbers.



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